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Uranium cycle explained

As mentioned in the Mining section, miners are working with electricity. The electricity comes from the Minerio Power Plant, which uses uranium tubes.

Green nuclear energy will be generated by the power plants with advanced enrichment and activation technology that makes no atomic waste. With this technology, We can make energy tubes that are rechargeable. Uranium mines will generate raw uranium, and the power plants will process the raw uranium into tubes.

The Uranium cycle is under the control of the Minerio management and the security team to ensure we always have green and stable energy.

Uranium Energy Tube

Uranium tubes are the Primary energy source of the Minerio metaverse. You can buy Uranium tubes from the in-game marketplace or get them for free by mining. If you have uranium miner NFT, you can begin mining uranium and soon you will get your mined uranium supply as tubes.

Uranium miner robots

Uranium miners are ERC1155 NFTs Robots that you can mine raw uranium with. These NFTs are community-based, So, You can get the uranium miner NFTs for free by airdrops, community activities like following our Twitter, or buying them from other players who have one.

You can turn on your uranium miner and send the robots to the expedition to get raw material. However, Because of the radiation levels and technological limitations, You can only use a robot once, and if you want to mine more raw uranium, you should find more Uranium miners.

Make a profit by mining Uranium

Uranium Miner Robots are NFTs that mine raw uranium. You can get this miner for free in the community. Then, You can turn on your uranium miner and send the robots to the expedition to get raw material. This action automatically generates income for you because the Minerio power plants always need more raw materials.

You can log in to the Minerio dashboard and turn on your miner robots. After a few days, the robots will send you the income, and you can claim the money from your dashboard. This cycle means that if you are an active community member, you will get more Uranium Miner NFTs and make easy money!

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