Official Minerio project whitepaper
Minerio logotype & symbol
Minerio is an Idle - Strategy play to earn cryptocurrency mining simulator game using the
RIOZ token. To earn the
RIOZ token, you should buy Miner NFTs, rent a warehouse, pay for power supply, network, and other utilities, and generate the highest hash rate possible.
The Gameplay is Idle - Strategy, and it's easy to learn and play. However, there is a deep learning curve in the Minerio game for the pro players who want more income. For example, a network engineer can configure your warehouse internet connection and reduce the bottlenecks or have your miners clustered to get more hash rates out of them.
The network behind the game is called the "Oasis," and all miner NFTs are connected to this network. You will get a share of the Oasis
RIOZ reward pool based on your total hash rate.
Minerio project trailer
Miners are NFTs that can mine the
RIOZ token. When you play the Minerio game, these miners can make money in exchange for their work, just like in the real world. To mine the
RIOZ token, you should buy at least one miner NFT, connect it to the game network, and develop a hash rate with our tools.
Diffrent warehouse types in the Minerio
All miners need at least one free slot in your warehouse, a power supply from your uranium tubes, a network connection, and a configuration based on your preference. There is a vast miners variety in the Minerio metaverse. You can choose your miner by its technology, style, branding, perks, or size. Learn more about miners and how they work.
Miners are vary
In the Minerio metaverse, you can buy your Miners and create a Mining site on the industrial sites. Each site provides the services you need and charges you for the
RIOZ tokens. Rent a warehouse, power supply, network access, security, administration, etc. are some service examples.
Each site is divided into several sub-areas called the "Lands." After Purchasing Land, you can start staking your Land NFT and generate
RIOZ tokens as the Land's rent.
Rio city in the Minerio metaverse