NFT Monetization

Every Play 2 Earn game has some use for its NFTs. In the Minerio metaverse, you must use your NFTs to earn the
RIOZ Token.
Minerio NFT monetization comes with 4 types of NFTs:
  • Miners
  • Factories stock
  • Lands
  • Uranium Miners

1- Miner NFT monetization

Miners are NFTs that can mine the
RIOZ token. When you play the Minerio game, these miners can make money in exchange for their work, just like in the real world. To mine the
RIOZ token, you should buy at least one miner NFT, connect it to the game network and develop a hash rate with the tools we provided for you. Learn more about mining and how it works.
Each miner generates a minimum hash rate of its kind. Depending on the type and technology of your miner, you will have some perks and utility options which are key metrics of reaching maximum hash rate and having a safe mining process.
You will get a share of the
RIOZ reward pool based on your total hash rate.
Miners have their own life span. NFT miners in the Minerio metaverse are subject to depreciation, and you need to keep your miner framework up to date to generate the best ROI. Also enabling perks, hiring laborers, and making the right mining strategy helps you to maximize your miner's life span.
You can read more about miners here.

2- Factory stock monetization

Factories are a particular land type NFT, with one purpose: to make new NFT miners. Therefore, when you own a factory stock NFT, you will get a share from the factory's miner NFT sale. Learn more about buying factory NFT stocks.
Factories are divided into 4 different types:
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Epic - most value
Each factory type produces different types and brands of NFT miners. for example, Epic - the most value factory, produces luxury NFT miner brands with the highest quality.
Depending on the type of factory share you purchase your ROI will change.
Learn more about factories here.

3- Land Renting

Based on the investment you make in Minerio lands, you can expect various profits. Renting lands will generate passive income for you. You will have an online dashboard on Minerio metaverse to control and monetize your lands. Also, You can sell your land NFTs on the blockchain. Learn more about the land NFTs.
There are three rarity and levels for Lands that will affect your monetization strategy:
  1. 1.
    Standard (Blue): Most affordable lands in the Minerio metaverse. Standard land generates standard rent with the rent smart contract. Standard lands in Rio city are in North & South districts.
  2. 2.
    Common (Purple): Special lands that generate ~35% more rent than the standards. Common lands are a bit pricier than standard lands and generate ~5% more R.O.I in comparison. Common lands in Rio city are in West & East districts and the supply is limited because only west district lands are for sale.
  3. 3.
    Legendary (Gold): The most-valued lands in the Minerio metaverse. Legendary lands are generating ~60% more rent than standards. These lands are not cheap, but the R.O.I is at the highest level of ~10% more than standard lands. Legendary lands in Rio city are in Central districts and have a very limited supply.
learn more about lands here.

4- Make a profit by mining Uranium

Uranium Miner Robots are NFTs that mine raw uranium. You can get this miner for free in the community. Then, You can turn on your uranium miner and send the robots to the expedition to get raw material. This action automatically generates income for you because the Minerio power plants always need more raw material.
You can log in to the Minerio dashboard and turn on your miner robots. After a few days, the robots will send you the income, and you can claim the money from your dashboard. This cycle means that if you are an active community member, you will get more Uranium Miner NFTs and make easy money!