Cities List

In honor of metropolises around the world and all the support and advancements that made blockchain tech possible to grow, we named our cities based on real-world cities. Lands are based in these cities' industrial sites. At the moment only Rio de Janeiro city is available. There will be more cities in the project in the future, and some of them are presented below.
Mining site

1- Rio

Our first industrial site is located on Metaverse Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Rio site is a starting point for the Minerio Game economy with 2000 blocks of land, ready to serve as your miner's host.

2- Dubai

Dubai's blockchain ecosystem is growing fast! As you know, our HQ is in Dubai, U.E.A. Dubai mining site will open after the Rio capacity is full. Dubai mining site will come with better A.I. and efficiency. The size of Dubai city is ~3000 blocks.

3- San Francisco

San Francisco is a high-demand and trending site in the Minerio metaverse. The site is large and the competition is on another level. All S.F. miners can benefit from the fast and secure network of this site. The size of San Francisco city is ~4000 blocks.

4- Hong kong

Hong Kong's main advantage is low-cost & expert labor. This site is the best place for massive mining companies with high demand and next class ROI. The size of Hong Kong city is ~5000 blocks.

5- New Delhi

Next-generation of Minerio cities is named in honor of New Delhi. More information will be published about this city and what made New Delhi city Special.
Head office of Rio city and the Minerio's symbol