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Power Plant

The Energy Providers
Reliable, cheap, and green electricity are making the Minerio possible. Mining is a power-consuming work. So, we planned the energy ecosystem of the Minerio to answer the rising demand for electricity.
The mining sites are powered by nuclear plants with a unique technology named "Energy tubes". Learn more about mining and costs.
Power plant NFT cover art
Green nuclear energy will be generated by the power plants with advanced enrichment and activation technology that makes no atomic waste. With this technology, We can make energy tubes that are rechargeable. Uranium mines will generate raw uranium, and the power plants will process the raw uranium into tubes.
Nuclear energy tube plant

Energy Tube

Uranium energy tubes are the Primary energy source of the Minerio metaverse. You can buy Uranium tubes from the in-game marketplace or get them for free by mining. If you have uranium miner NFT, you can begin mining uranium and soon you will get your mined uranium supply as tubes. Learn more about the uranium cycle.
Energy tubes