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"Halving" is when the rate of new
RIOZ tokens entering game circulation is cut in half. It's part of an overall strategy to keep the maximum supply of tokens fixed, unlike fiat currencies like the US dollar, which have unlimited supplies and lose value when governments print too much. (Read more on business insider)
In the Minerio metaverse, miners will get the
RIOZ token based on the network's proof protocol in exchange for their work. Therefore, When halving occurs, the rate of new tokens entering the circulation will be reduced. The halving time is related to how many tokens have been mined by the community and occurs approximately every eight months. We will update you about the
Rioz token events on our official Twitter account.
The Halving and Burning in the Minerio will be approximately four months apart and not simultaneous. Please follow our official Twitter account to learn more and get the latest news.