Minerio World

Learn more about the world of Minerio
Minerio is an Idle - Strategy play to earn cryptocurrency mining simulator game using the
RIOZ token. To earn the
RIOZ token, you should buy Miner NFTs, rent a warehouse, pay for power supply, network, and other utilities, and generate the highest hash rate possible.

The world

The Minerio world is a metaverse working on the blockchain application layer. The world is created by our team and is fictional.
Minerio world simulation


The Minerio metaverse has several cities, starting with Rio de Janeiro. Each city has an industrial zone consisting of the lands. You can check the city list and guides to learn more about Minerio's cities.

Industrial site & Land

In the Minerio metaverse, you can buy your Miners and create a Mining factory on the industrial sites. Each site is divided into several sub-areas called the "Lands".
Lands are places where you can put your miners in a warehouse and start the game. Also, these lands are the places to provide utility and infrastructure like networks and power & security. You pay rent to use lands. Therefore, buying a land NFT to start playing the game is unnecessary. Landowners can earn rent money by staking their NFTs on the player's dashboard.
land view on the Minerio game
Mining factory in the Minerio