So what are games without customization? Imagine that customization in the Minerio is not just for making yourself enjoy the game but also about earning more ROI and gathering a community. Customizing your game the way people may love it will help you get likes on your warehouse. The more likes you get and the cozier your warehouse becomes, the more your ROI will increase and the more your workers efficiently work.

Robot skins

Cute robots everywhere in your warehouse! Buying new skins makes them work more efficiently, and you even enjoy watching your warehouse filled with these adorable creatures.

Warehouse decoration

Like every company and organization, the place you work is very effective on your focus and work output. By buying decoration NFTs from the marketplace, you can design your warehouse the way you like or the way your employees would enjoy. The more your employees like their workplace, the more they can work efficiently. Also, people can check your warehouse and like it if they want. This action will cause you more ROI, so try to be active in the community and find out what your neighbors like in Rio city.