Smart contracts

There are three different blockchain protocols that will be integrated into The Minerio gaming stack:

  • ERC-1155 and ERC-721 for the Digital Assets storage and trading.

Our most used smart contracts are listed below:

Smart ContractsNotes

RIOZ token

Address: 0x98Cf50c7A8822517089aE0082f14EC5CD6e18F65

Minerio Origin Land NFT

Address: 0x442C3bd78a9c4369A4Cc9100089e41e2b41Fc431

Minerio Factories NFT

Address: 0x657e6B1ac0dB0Dd11d8b7bC2da4c59d5E1cbD220

RIOZ presale Referral Manager

Address: 0x5430bc3a3BFDdAD83B263834838960799d59a7A4

Minerio RIOZ Airdrop

Address: 0x1745E2df5bB0cde35Eb91588C2d2eEAAB58B85a1

Minerio Presale RIOZ

Address: 0x8b525F2d2c661a5213e175507C76a535631aC8C3

Minerio Presale VIP

Address: 0x645ebb1757De2490cC7D9283113640D38697498D

Minerio Uranium Miner

Address: 0x45d80d2b4c53555eAa95EfBE34996A1131cFc62f

Minerio Land NFTs are ERC-721 NFTs designed for Lands Presale. These NFTs will be replaced by Minerio Lands Origin NFT and will be transferred to the Polygon chain with a cross-chain bridge.


Minerio Game smart contracts repositories

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