Game map

For better navigation and understanding of the cities in Minerio, you can use game maps. Every city has a 2D and 3D map. With the 2D map, you can get familiar with city structure, locations, districts, and benefits. 3D map is best to inspect the city, watch your NFT in real-time and view the aesthetics of the city.

2D map

This map is a fast and lightweight solution to check the city out! You can access the 2D map on our website. Also, you can buy new lands (Mining sites or factories), Find out more about other landowners, and get to know your neighbors
2D map districts guide

3D map

You can inspect your land NFT on our 3D Map or you NFT section of your wallet. You can download the latest version of Minerio's 3D Map for all platforms on our website.
We developed the 3D map so that you can purchase your lands or NFTs via this application. Also, you can explore the town and watch their NFTs’ building progress.
Download the 3D Map from our telegram channel or website.
3D world view of the Rio city
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